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TrOo was born Anthony Frazier on November 18, 1991 in Charlotte, North Carolina, growing up in the Wilmore community located in West Mecklenburg County.  The second youngest and only boy of four, the young aspiring artist quickly became infatuated with the hip-hop culture. Writing poetry at the age of twelve, he began illustrating stories of countless encounters of domestic violence, he witnessed as a child involving his mother and father. He quickly learned that love is truly blind.  After numerous encounters, TrOo moved to live with his grandparents off Nations Ford Rd often referred to as "Exit 4" where his artistry truly began to form.


While attending Harding University High School he teamed up with then aspiring producer "Pyro the Producer" and together they went on to record numerous collaborated tracks.  In 2010, the duo released their first collaborated mixtape "Take Your Clothes Off" which received rave reviews among their peers.


Ten years in the making, TrOo surrounds himself with a diverse entourage of talented artists, web developers, videographers, and producers preparing to embark upon a legendary journey sure to rip stages across the country.  He believes a strong team of industry professionals may not set him apart from other independent artists, but it will undoubtedly provide the advantage needed to promote real talent effectively in an oversaturated market.


With a highly energetic and intrinsic style, TrOo attributes his success as an artist to icons such as Andre 3000 and Eminem to name a few. The Dirty South typical chant rap is not the artist's style; TrOo gravitates more too expressive fast pace vernacular over Sothern and eclectic beats to draw audiences into a world of epic storytelling.  With a well-balanced offering of genre-defying songs and a worldview to match, TrOo proves that when pursuing your dreams an ambitious mentality is essential to success in this game.

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