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Louie D

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 Artist, songwriter, radio/event host, and now CEO of an Artist Development firm located in Charlotte NC. After almost a 2 1/2 year break from music due to 2 major surgeries. Louie D found himself utilizing his time off to learn more about the music business and even learned more about himself along the way. With new goals bring new interest. Now as CEO, you no longer think about yourself as an artist you begin to think about more ways to help expand your company, but as a true emcee you can only stay away but so long. Resurrection is the new single from (Self-titled album) displaying the transition of artistry and entrepreneurship. (Due to release 2016)

The Carolina’s have a new face on the hip hop scene. From opening shows with some of today’s influential hip hop artist such as Pitbull, The Clipse, Lil Boosie, Pastor Troy, Yo Gotti, and Future just to name a few. Although being able to experience these moments feel like a dream come true to most, it was only a stepping stone for more to come. Louie D began his music career as a battle Emcee carrying on another moniker as “D. Eagle”. He began entering rap battles traveling state to state, winning cash prizes, bragging rights and more. That moment really set the bar high for his music career but good things always end. Music started to change and the game started to changed with the advancements of technology as well.

Louie D released his first radio single “Im So Paid” in 2010, which gained a buzz and the questions began. “Who is this Louie D”? Oct 2011, the mixtape “Thought Process” was released. Being his first project, it was overwhelming with the credibility it gained throughout the urban communities, selling over 2,000 physical copies the first week, it was a much needed time for more merchandising. Fast forward time, new location but a more sufficient platform, Louie D is the true definition of Independence. Also CEO of a growing company that specialize in providing avenues for other artist as well. Currently hosting his own radio show, producing commercials, releasing his first book soon, and new album on the way. #Classified

Louie D

Louie D

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